We opended our annual data science for social good exhibition today, in person again after a year off. Once again we partnered with several non profits and performed data visualization and analysis. Have a look below for descriptions of the projects and some pictures of the installation.

Recently, one of my graduate students defended her Master’s thesis, an examination of the bailable population in Mississippi. This work was done in collaboration with The Bail Project, a non profit who’s mission is to combat mass incarceration and restore presumption of innocence, reunite families, and challenge a system that criminalizes race and poverty.

We concluded our final reviews for Generative Machine Learning for Architecture. Check out the videos below….

I’ve been continuting my collaboration with a former masters student, JT Colonel, who has now moved on to Ph.D work. We have been advancing some of our work on using deep neural network based autoencoders and their applications towards audio synthesis, effects, and mixing.

We wrapped up our Data Science and Design Projects for Social Good recently. COVID-19 naturally made for a significant disruption of the semester, but nonetheless there are some really exciting projects that came out of the course. While we weren’t able to have our usual exhibition, we were able to put up websites highligthing some of the work.